The Skulking Way of War The Skulking Way of War

The Company of Select Marksmen

Major-General Carleton, the British Commander in Canada, raised Captain Fraser’s Company of British Rangers, commonly known as the “Company of Select Marksmen,” on September 6th, 1776. The Company, once raised, operated along the shores of Lake Champlain and throughout the region now defined by the Adirondack Park. The Company was destroyed on several occasions; at Bennington, at Freeman’s Farm, and perhaps again at Bemis heights. On each occasion they rose like a phoenix from the ashes to fight again. Whether a body of the Company surrendered at Saratoga in October of 1777 or not, members of the Company, including Captain Fraser, continued to serve as Partisans with the Canada Indian Department. Captain Fraser led a detachment in what was probably the last engagement of the American Revolution, near Oswego in the winter of 1782-83.

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